Do you want your business to grow but find that performance is inconsistent?

Are you struggling to lead your team and have effective accountability conversations?

Are you wondering how to recruit and retain your best salespeople?

As the pandemic becomes endemic and people are slowly returning to the workplace, sales managers are faced with a whole new set of challenges:

  • Improving sales productivity and performance in a hybrid employee and customer environment
  • Finding time to focus on their own leadership development
  • Becoming a magnet for talent

How can sales managers ensure consistent success in these testing times?





03.00 pm IST | 05:30 pm SGT

Some of the tools that will be covered are -

  • Tool for performance management and coaching – Discover how both of them work together to get your team to deliver at their best.
  • Tool for running powerful meetings – Categorise, analyse and reframe possibilities to maximise your ROTI (Return on Time Invested) every week.
  • Tool for recruitment – Uncover the traits you should look for to hire and retain the best

In addition to learning these tools, frameworks, practices and possibilities, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage Venkat to address your biggest Sales and Management challenges.


Making technology your ally to engage in 3D selling (the third dimension of selling) and doubling productivity in customer conversations.

Exercising the right choices with respect to time, team, talent and technology management.

Learning the nuances of becoming an inspirational and motivational sales leader



Venkat is an experienced facilitator and coach and delights in the joy of making others great. His vast experience across Asia in a variety of leadership roles has helped him tailor his engagements across cultures. He is currently leading several engagements in areas of Global Leadership Development, Execution Excellence, Sales Leadership, Women Leadership, Group Coaching and Executive Coaching. Venkat is certified through the Results Coaching methodology and is an ICF accredited coach. He balances his engagements between individual coaching and Group coaching sessions. a


Director, Sales Enablement, Infor

"It was four years ago that I engaged Venkat to help with our Sales teams. We had identified some problems around selling. The deals were not qualified and coming towards the end of quarter they would be dropped. This highly impacted forecasting accuracy of the organization. Working with Venkat we rolled out a new program in 3 weeks across 6 cities in the APAC region. We started to see a change - those who adopted the learnings were becoming more successful. I absolutely love the way Venkat delivers his trainings. I am always keen to leverage him, choosing to work with him and not use my internal folks. Venkat has a very strong presence in the room. He walks in and you sit up and pay attention. What I like best is that he uses a lot of his own best practices and experiences to teach. His lessons are not theoretical out of a book but real examples on what made him and his team successful. He has the ability to ask the difficult questions. Even if I am not getting trained by him, he does it for a specific reason to understand the key problems. If I would choose any sales vendor, Venkat would be on top of my list. He is a lovely man and a nice person."

Sudarshan Ranganathan, CEO,
Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

“Venkat had a very nice way of getting people to think. People can get antagonistic when proposing a new idea. Venkat never got embroiled in upsetting people. He was able to trigger people to think about how to do things differently. We all caught on to “Can you help me understand.…” and is used frequently in our office now. The way Venkat starts, people know he will be asking a difficult question, but the way it was presented makes the difference. No sarcasm. People normally think they are being interrogated rather than asked, but this was not the case with Venkat.”

A 60-min session to address your Time, Team, Talent and Technology Conundrums. Register right away!